Child Abduction Response Team Developing In The County

Officials in Fond du Lac County are developing a Child Abduction Response Team or CART team. Sheriff’s Lieutenant Bill Tadych says they went to Green Lake for training provided by the same people who do Amber Alerts. He says their role as a CART team would be to assist the agency that has a abduction in their community. He says the first 24 hours after an abduction are important, but first three hours are even more critical. He says statistics have shown that when children are missing there is a high mortality rate in the first three hours. Tadych says Fond du Lac County over the past 40 years has had five abductions and some of them were very high profile like the disappearances of Bobby Joe Fritz, Lisa French, and Berit Beck. He says the impact of a child abduction on a family is heart wrenching. He says a second group of law enforcement officials from the County will be getting the CART training in Milwaukee next month. Pictured Bobby Joe Fritz.