Drugs Found On Woman By Jail Staff After Traffic Stop Leads To Arrest

A traffic stop in Fond du Lac County yesterday led to the arrest of a woman after a sheriff’s office K9 alerted for the presence of drugs.

Just before 5 PM an officer pulled over the woman for a driving infraction and a positive alert from an open air sniff from the K9 gave the officer cause to search the vehicle.
That’s when the officer found an unspecified amount of methamphetamine.

The woman was already on probation for possession of drugs. She was brought to the jail, and that’s where jail staff found more methamphetamine and a powder substance suspected to be fentanyl concealed on the woman inside her upper pants area as well as a crack pipe.

She is being charged with possession of methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia and felony bail jumping. She was also cited for driving after suspension.