FDL Firefighters Applauded For Life Saving Effort

It was a rare night filled with applause Wednesday evening for Fond du Lac firefighters and paramedics. First, Division Chief Tom Wendt was honored with a proclamation at the City Council meeting for his 35 years of service to the City, which led to a nice round of applause. Lieutenant Joe Maramonte says he and some other firefighters who attended that event were just getting back to the fire station on South Main Street when they got another call, just across the street from the station. A man was having dinner at Sebastian’s Steak House and was choking on some food. Paramedics were able to dislodge the food and take the man to St. Agnes Hospital. They probably saved his life; a fact that didn’t escape the attention of restaurant patrons, which led to the second round of applause that night. Fond du Lac Fire Dept photo.