Firefighters And Paramedics Recognized For Trying To Save Trooper Casper

Fond du Lac Fire and Rescue Thursday handed out its annual awards including honoring the crews of Med 473 and Engine 483 for their efforts to try and save the life of State Trooper Trevor Casper. Casper was shot and killed in a shootout with bank robber Steven Snyder on March 24th of last year. The ambulance and engine crew did what they could to save the young trooper’s life. Assistant Fire Chief Steve Beer says he sat down with crews at Station #3 afterwards. He says it wasn’t easy for anyone at the scene. He says everyone had a glazed look over their face and they talked about what happened and the realities of life. Beer says they appreciate the fact that the City Council has since approved the funding that allowed them to purchase bullet proof vests for their paramedics and firefighters. Chief O’Leary says it’s good to recognize their accomplishments even if the firefighters and paramedics would rather not. Picture above members of the State Patrol with crews from Med 473 and Engine 483. Fire Department members include Lieutenant John Goldapske, Engineer Dwight Fisher, Firefighter/Paramedics; Ben Stephany, Brian Westby and Phillip Seibel. 

State Patrol Captain Anthony Burrell and Fire Chief Peter O’Leary with an appreciation award the State Patrol gave to the fire department for their efforts to try and save the life of Trooper Trevor Casper on March 24th, 2015.