Firefighters Prepare for Fill the Boot Campaign

The Fill the Boot campaign is back this week – as the Fond du Lac Firefighters Local 400 aims to raise more money than ever to support the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Fond du Lac was the highest-raising fire department in the state last year, and they’re hoping to bring in even more. 

Mike Spencer with Fond du Lac Fire and Rescue tells us “we’ve had tremendous community support over the years for this event. People really stop and give everything they can and we’ve had a couple of businesses this year that are going to be contributing also. And I think people see that we’re out there putting in the effort and they know what we’re trying to do and their out there to help us support a great cause and fight these muscular diseases.”

The MDA has funded research and development of medications that are showing an impact on families and people with muscular diseases right here in Fond du Lac. Spencer adds that “continued funding will actually start leading into the next step, which
is gene therapy to possibly even eliminate the disease. So right now is really
kind of a pivotal time for MDA to raise money and for everybody to contribute
and put into this research and maybe have a chance at stopping the next
generation from having to deal with muscular dystrophy.”

The campaign kicks off right here at KFIZ on Winnebago Drive from 9:00am-2:00pm this Thursday.