Grothman Endorses Toney For AG Run

’Wisconsin Congressman Glenn Grothman has announced he is endorsing Eric Toney for Attorney General.

In a press release issued by Toney, he stated, “Few Representatives work as hard and effectively as Congressman Grothman. His endorsement is an affirmation of my commitment to restoring respect for law enforcement and the rule of law in Wisconsin. With his support, along with over 100 Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, and District Attorneys, I am confident in securing the Republican nomination and ending Josh Kaul’s failed tenure as Attorney General.”

Congressman Grothman added, “I’ve known Eric Toney since he became District Attorney in 2013. With my office right in Fond du Lac, it gives me a continued opportunity to discuss criminal law issues with him on a regular basis. He has handled hundreds of criminal cases including some of the most heinous in Fond du Lac. The incumbent Attorney General appears incredibly concerned with keeping the prison population down – in the midst of spiraling murder rates and record drug overdose deaths. Eric views putting drug dealers and murderers in prison as a good thing, and I looking forward to voting for him. Additionally, all ten sheriffs in my district will be voting for Eric as well.”

Toney also said, “I can’t state how important this endorsement is. To have the endorsement of the Congressman and EVERY Sheriff in his district underscores that I am THE conservative choice as well as Law Enforcement’s choice in his race.”

Toney will face off against fellow Republican opponents, Adam Jarchow and Karen Mueller, in the August 9 primary, with the winner taking on Kaul November 8, 2022.