Health Department Encouraging Flu Vaccinations

Ahead of the peak flu season – the Fond du Lac County Health Department is urging parents to get their children vaccinated. County Public Health Officer Kim Mueller tells us they are making it even easier again this year, and will be offering flu shots at schools around the county. 

Mueller says “this year is going to be very similar to last year, where we’re going to be offering injectable-only flu vaccine to all children in Fond du Lac County. So we’re going to be going to fifty-five different schools, public and private, within a thirty-day period.”

Mueller adds that parents of students around the county should “be looking for some kind of consent coming home.
Whether it’s an electronic version or a paper version – depending on what the
school decides to do. In order for us to give that vaccine to your kiddo, we
need that consent to come home.”

Mueller hopes people head in to get the vaccine, because last year “we had lots of hospitalizations, lots of people sick, lots of kiddos
sick out of school. So this would just – if we didn’t vaccinate to the degree
we did last year, I can only imagine how many more kids and family members
would have – in addition – gotten sick.”