Local News Briefs Thursday 11/28/13

FDL Fire
Chief Gives Fire Safety Tips For The Kitchen

Fond du Lac
Fire Chief Peter O’Leary is passing along some tips to prevent fires in the
kitchen during Thanksgiving. He says there are more fires on Thanksgiving than
anytime of year. Many of the tips he offers are just common sense, but things
people don’t think about in a busy kitchen. 
He says you
should limit the number of people in the kitchen, keep pot handles turned
inward, make sure there’s nothing else in the oven when you turn it on and take
your time cooking. He also recommends keeping oven mitts and hot pads or
anything else that might burn off glass-topped stoves. O’Leary says people
sometimes forget to shut off the oven top. He says if you do run into a problem
give them a call.



If you are looking for somewhere to have a Thanksgiving meal, a few area
churches are sponsoring holiday events.  Immanuel-Trinity Church on Wisconsin-American Drive will be hosting
their 16th Annual Thanksgiving from 11:30am to 1:30pm today.  Meals will be served on-site but carryouts
will be available.  They are also
offering a free shuttle from Church of
Our Savior at 9th and Main at 11am and Rosalind Apartments at 11:30am.  
Gateway Community Church in Mayville will be hosting the eighteenth annual Free Thanksgiving
Dinner. The meal will be served at the Mayville High School Cafeteria, 500 North Clark Street,
at noon.  The meal is free and open to
the public.



The cost of
putting Thanksgiving dinner on the table will be lower in Wisconsin than the national average,
according to Amy Manske with the state Farm Bureau. She says it comes out to
48-dollars and 40 cents here.  The Wisconsin price for an average Thanksgiving dinner is
65-cents cheaper than it is nationally. The cost is about 1% less than the last
year’s national average



As you head
out to Thanksgiving events today be sure to stay safe if you are in a rural
area and head outside.  Officer Steve
Olson of the Fond du Lac Police Department says that you decide to take a walk
in the woods or just around some land, it would be a good idea to put on some
sort of blaze orange so hunters can see you. 
Olson also says that it’s a good idea to put orange on your pets if they
are outside so they don’t get mistaken for a deer.


Fondy Jumps
In Macys Parade

Two Fond du Lac area kids will be participating in today’s
Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New
York City
Fond du Lac High School
junior Allison Duley and Theisen Middle School 8th grader Margaret Krolcyzk
will be part of 200 athletes organized by the Heartbeats Jump Rope Team out of Cleveland, Ohio.  Both Allison and Margaret are part of the
Cardinal Skippers jump rope team locally. 
Those in the group will showcase their jumping skills for the entire 2.5
mile stretch of the historic parade.