Measles cases cropping up – check your vaccination status

Measles cases continue to crop up in the U.S. Dr. Stephanie Schauer with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services says the good news is that the vaccine is safe and effective.  

“So it’s important that if folks are not sure if they’re protected to check their immunization record. They can go online and check it through the Wisconsin Immunization Registry or call their health care provider and make sure that they’re protected.”

So far this year there have already been nine measles cases reported in the US, in Georgia, and Missouri and New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Schauer says a measles infection can come with significant complications, like ear infections, or diarrhea, pneumonia, even encephalitis, and even death. 

“In 1963 – and that’s the year that the measles vaccine was licensed – Wisconsin had over 68,000 measles cases and 19 deaths. We don’t want to go backwards,” Schauer said.     

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