North Fond du Lac natural gas leak forces residents to evacuate homes

At about 11:30 AM Friday, February 2, 2024, North Fond du Lac Department of Public Works workers were digging a hole for a street sign near the intersection of Winnebago Street and Indiana Avenue on the village’s far east side when they accidentally hit a gas main, rupturing it.

North Fond du Lac Fire and Police were notified and blocked off the area as they worked to evacuate the area downwind of the leak. According to North Fond du Lac Fire Chief Jake Flaherty, the department made contact with 22 residents, encouraging them to evacuate the area while the gas was actively leaking.

Alliant Energy responded to the scene and was able to shut off the gas by 12:30 PM allowing anyone that evacuated to return to their houses.

Alliant remained on scene to fix the leak.