Sheboygan Teen Won’t Be Eligible For Parole Until He’s 50

Antonio Barbeau will have to wait until he is 50-years-old to have a chance at leaving prison for his role in the murder of his great grandmother.  Sheboygan County Judge Timothy Van Akkeren sentenced the 14-year-old Sheboygan teen to life in prison Monday for his role in the death of Barbara Olson. Back in June, the prosecution and defense reached a plea deal, allowing Barbeau to avoid a jury trial in exchange for a state request to have parole eligibility 35 years after sentencing.  Judge Van Akkeren followed suit, making it until Barbeau’s birthday in November of 2048 when he can apply for parole. Barbeau, along with 14-year-old Nathan Paape, killed Olson at her Sheboygan Falls residence with the use of a hammer and hatchet last September. Paape, who was found guilty of a similar charge by a jury in June, will be sentenced today.