7 Foot Snake Found Under Hood Of Car In Green Bay

The Wisconsin Humane Society is caring for a giant snake found under the hood of a car in Green Bay. The seven-foot long jungle carpet python was discovered while the car was parked along Pecan Street. The owner of the vehicle found the snake and called the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary, which agreed to take in the snake and pull it from under the hood along with animal control.

A member of the Wildlife Sanctuary said the snake Most likely crawled up into the engine
compartment to stay warm.

The snake is native to Australia and was likely being kept as a pet in the area, however, Green Bay Municipal Code explains that a permit is required for people to keep exotic animals and police say there is not a known permit for this kind of snake. Wisconsin Humane Society-Green Bay took in the python and is fostering it until it can be moved to a permanent location.