History of KFIZ AM 1450

1992 KFIZ

In 1922, an automobile dealer, looking for a way to help stir up interest in the radios he was selling to supplement his auto business, decided to start a radio station. It was the first commercial radio station in the state of Wisconsin.

An application to broadcast was approved and KFIZ was born. There were no rigid federal restrictions about call letters at that time and KFIZ became one of the few stations east of the Mississippi River, beginning with the letter “K.” The little third floor studio was tuned in regularly by area residents. They heard a few records, many local singers and musicians who “just dropped in.” The owners operated the station at their own convenience, and it was often off the air by 6p.m.

Since it began broadcast operations in 1922, News-Talk 1450 KFIZ has been one the Fond du Lac area depended on for news, weather, sports, and agri-business. Being Fond du Lac’s only News-Talk station KFIZ has long been a favorite stop for all generations of radio listeners seeking the most up-to-date information and entertainment around.

As the years went by, News-Talk 1450 KFIZ’s on air personalities have taken pride in the fact that they are the ones people turn to for information and entertainment. Many of the personalities that have broadcast on KFIZ from it’s inception back in 1922 will forever be associated not just with KFIZ but with Fond du Lac. Names like the legendary Ron Harvey, Joe Goeser, John Bucklen, Wade Bates, Doug McGrath, Rick Henry, “Big Al” Sampson, Ray Orton, Wendel Myers, Lyn and Cile Fairbanks, and more recently Jerry St. John and Joe Scheibinger, are just a few of the early broadcasters that helped mold KFIZ into Fond du Lac’s information source.

Today KFIZ continues to bring quality network programming that blends nicely with its locally generated programs. With Sean Hannity, Markley, Van Camp & Robbins, Brian Kilmeade, Mark Levin, Dave Ramsey, Rich Valdes, George Noory, gracing the KFIZ airwaves with local talents Shawn Kiser, Nick Van Nocker, Doug Raflik, Chuck Freimund, and Jerry Schneider, listeners can keep the radio dial locked to KFIZ 24 hours a day.