Binge Drinking Rate In FDL County 22 Percent

A report last week revealed the cost of excessive alcohol use in Wisconsin is $6.8 billion a year; broken down further it’s $118.2 million for Fond du Lac County. Karen Rucks of the Drug Free Communities of Fond du Lac County says that comes to about $1,163 a year per person living in the County. Rucks who is also a Family and Community Therapist for Lutheran Social Services says much of that is related to binge drinking. She says its considered binge drinking if a woman has more than 4 drinks in a row at any one time and 5 drinks for a man. Rucks says excessive alcohol use costs include money spent for law enforcement, health care, insurance claims, lost productivity work at work and more. She says too many of festivals and other events held in the state center around the use of alcohol. She says no one should take pride in the reputation of the state for binge drinking. The binge drinking rate in Fond du Lac County is 22 percent. To see the report click here.