Bluemke’s Food Mart Honored For Contributions To School District

The Rosendale-Brandon School Board recently recognized Bluemke’s Food Mart in Rosendale for its support of the District’s schools.

The company was honored as part of the Wisconsin Association of School Board’s 2023 Business Honor Roll program which recognizes local school district business partners that support their local schools by providing resources or additional learning opportunities for students and staff.

In 2017, Bluemke’s started a program called the Spirit Pump dedicating a portion of a selected gas pump’s sales to the School District. Through the ‘Spirit Pump,’ program, the gas station has donated over $20,000 to district programs ranging from athletics, the arts, and STEM projects.

School Board President Jennifer Riedeman said, “On behalf of the Rosendale-Brandon School District, we are honored to acknowledge Bluemke’s Food Mart for their generous support and helping to prepare the children of our community to be tomorrow’s leaders.”

Bluemkes Food Mart Manager Bethany Crook said We’re thankful to have community support, which allows us to give back to the School District through the Spirit Pump
and other programs.