Boat Crash Trial Remains In Winnebago County Despite Both Sides Being OK With It Moving

The trial for the man accused of crashing his speed boat into a commercial paddlewheel cruise boat in July of 2022 on the Fox River in Oshkosh will have his trial in Winnebago County despite both defense and prosecuting attorneys agreeing that he may not get a fair trial in Winnebago County due to the attention his case has received.

The judge overseeing Jason Lindemann’s case however, says he sees no reason an impartial jury can’t be found and ordered the case to stay where it was.

Lindemann will be facing fewer charges of hit-and-run causing injury though, after the prosecution dropped eight counts due to lack of medical records from victims, but added four new charges based on new victims being identified. Lindemann now stands accused of 14 counts of hit-and-run causing injury.

On July 9th of last year just before 10 PM, Oshkosh Police and Rescue were called for a report of several injuries related to a boat crash after Lindemann’s 38-foot speedboat hit the paddlewheel cruiser which had 44 people on board. GPS data showed Lindemann’s boat going 46 mph in a no wake zone near the crash site.

A passenger on the speedboat at the time of the crash said he had been drinking with Lindemann at a local establishment. He got on the powerboat with Lindemann, who he identified as the driver.