Bob Haase’s Another Can Of Worms

The Fun Things We Used to Do!

I was helping with the planning for our next high school class reunion which will take place next summer and I got to thinking about all the things that have changed since I graduated from high school.  This led me to thinking about some of the fun things we did not only in high school, but also the things I have done since high school.  Many of the things we used to do are no longer popular, but it doesn’t mean that they are no longer any fun!

I decided that it might be interesting to try and do some of the things that I used to do and see if it is still as much fun as it used to be.  I still do a lot of hunting and fishing, but there are many other things that I no longer do such as go bowling, play golf, play cards, shoot trap, or go water skiing.  

Maybe you might want to think about and make a list of the fun things you used to do that you no longer do.   When you get that list put together,  pick one or two items that you think you had the most fun doing and try it again.  You might be surprised how much fun it still is and wonder why you ever stopped.

I think one reason that many of these items were so much fun was because of the friends you used to do these with.  If you played cards… do you remember who you normally played cards with?  If you bowled… who did you normally go bowling with?  If age or physical limitations prevent you from doing some of these, it still might be interesting to give some of your old friends a call and get together sometime.

I think life is a lot more complicated today than it was when I was younger.  There seems to be a lot more stresses in many people’s lives and maybe we don’t take enough time to have fun.  It is sometimes good to reflect on the good things in life and the things we had fun doing.  Maybe it is also time to put more fun back into our lives.

Bob Haase is the host of “Outdoors Thursday” heard Thursday mornings at 9:10 a.m. on News-Talk 1450 KFIZ.