Law enforcement respond to person on roof of International Paper building

Law enforcement and City of Fond du Lac Fire and Rescue were on the scene of International Paper on South Hickory Street for a person who had climbed up on the building roof.

Authorities attempted communication with him but he wouldn’t cooperate and come down.

The man was spending most of his time in the southeast corner of the building roof, drinking what appeared to be beer and swinging objects around that he found on the roof.

On scene for the incident were City of Fond du Lac Police, Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Deputies, Wisconsin State Patrol and City of Fond du Lac Fire/Rescue.

The City Police Mobile Command Unit set up across the Street in the Kwik Trip parking lot.

Some Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office Deputies handled priority calls in the city while city police have their resources tied up.

At least some employees of the business have been evacuated.

This incident started just before 10:30 AM near a business at Pioneer and Military. When an officer got on scene to talk to the man, he took off running, eventually making it to the back side of International Paper along the railroad tracks where he gained access to a ladder and climbed on the roof.

Around 7PM a tactical team with a K9 entered the roof, and with the assistance of OC gas and a less lethal round, took the suspect into custody.

A fire department ladder truck was used to get the suspect down off the roof.

Below is the official statement from the Fond du Lac Police Department:

On Tuesday, May 14, 2024 at approximately 10:12 a.m., the Fond du Lac Police Department responded to Fleet Farm (800 S. Military Road) for a male subject wearing camouflage clothing flashing what appeared to be a law enforcement badge while walking around the store.

The individual fled on foot eastbound from the store and eventually made it to the railroad tracks where he ran southbound.  As FDLPD Officers and Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office Deputies got into the area they observed the individual climb up an exterior ladder on the side of the International Paper building to the roof top.  Initially, the individual stood at the edge of the roof and yelled back at law enforcement while they attempted to talk with him and build a rapport. 

FDLPD Officers were able to identify the individual as a 34-year-old Fond du Lac resident known to FDLPD from prior contacts.  The male was exhibiting bizarre and erratic behaviors, severe agitation, and threatened violence towards law enforcement.  The male also has been recently exhibiting escalating behaviors around the City and the FDLPD was looking to take him into custody for felony retail theft, criminal trespass to a dwelling, criminal damage to property, and a probation/parole warrant.

During initial negotiations, FDLPD worked with staff from International Paper and requested that all employees shelter in place.  As more law enforcement resources arrived, Officers and Deputies were able to assist with the evacuation of employees from the business.

FDLPD deployed the Technology Response Group (Drone/Robot Unit), Bear Cat (armored rescue vehicle), a FDLPD K9 unit, assembled a combined team of FDLPD and FDSO Crisis Negotiations members, and the FDLPD Co-Response Mental Health Unit consisting of a Social Worker and Mental Health & Wellness Police Specialist. 

After over six (6) hours of negotiations and exhausting all options, the FDLPD SWAT team was activated along with a FDSO K9 Unit and one additional FDSO SWAT member.  During the standoff the male armed himself several times with improvised weapons (i.e. rocks, metal rebar stakes, etc.).

FDLPD SWAT accessed the roof and deployed a less-than-lethal impact munition (40mm sponge round) and chemical munitions before taking the male into custody.

The goal in any situation is to de-escalate and bring a peaceful resolution so that everyone is safe. Even when Officers attempt to de-escalate a situation, sometimes factors beyond the control of an Officer can result in force becoming necessary. The use of a less-than-lethal impact munition and OC chemical munitions helped resolve this high-stress encounter while reducing the risk of injury to the individual and Officers.

The 34-year-old male was transported by the City of Fond du Lac Fire/Rescue to the hospital for further medical evaluation. 

No further details or information are being released at this time.

The Fond du Lac Police Department was assisted by the City of Fond du Lac Fire/Rescue, Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office, Wisconsin State Patrol, and a CN Police Service – North Division Special Agent.