City Of Fond du Lac Fire/Rescue Responded To Almost 8000 Calls In 2022

The City Of Fond du Lac Fire/Rescue Department released its numbers for calls in 2022.

Between all three stations in the city, the department responded to 7814 calls. Up 186 from 2021.

1196 of the calls were for fires or fire alarms and 6618 calls were rescue calls.

Of the 1196 fire calls, 55 involved single or multi family buildings, up almost 30% from 2021.

21 of the calls were for vehicle fires.

According to the department, the estimated value of property and contents lost by fire totaled over $862.000.

Fire Chief Eric Gerritson says out of the more than 6500 rescue calls, the majority continues to be for people falling.

Gerritson notes one statistic observed over the last two years is drug overdoses. While the number of overdose calls was up for 2022, the deaths related to
overdoses was down. Something Gerritson says is likely due to Narcan being more readily available to the general public. A number that he says should
continue to go down with the implementation of the Narcan Leave Behind Program. A program the Fond du Lac County Health Department and Fond du Lac Fire/Rescue
department have started, aimed at getting Narcan into the hands of people most likely to witness an opioid overdose.