City Of Fond du Lac Provides Surveys For Public Input On Two Major Projects

The City of Fond du Lac is seeking public input on the design and programming of its downtown Riverfront District, and reinvestment opportunities for the North
Main Street Corridor.

Input from residents and visitors who work, live and shop in this area can be provided by taking two online surveys, available through February 28th.

City of Fond du Lac Community Development Director Dyann Benson said “The public’s input on these long-term plans is essential to ensure our community’s priorities
and interests are represented. As a City, we are always looking ahead, and are committed to providing enhancements that meet the current and future needs of our residents. While these projects will unfold over the next few decades, we are excited about the opportunities these projects present for our city.”

The City of Fond du Lac and its contracted planning and design firm, MSA Professional Services, have been evaluating the two corridors.

The Riverfront District includes the east branch of the Fond du Lac River, specifically from South Street to the FIDO dog park near the Johnson Street bridge. While the City has built a riverfront trail through downtown, this corridor is underutilized with limited amenities.

The North Main Street Corridor is the area from Johnson Street to Scott Street, and has been identified in the 2040 Comprehensive Plan as an important corridor for the City to support reinvestment. This plan will provide a 20-year vision for the corridor, outlining actions and potential (re)development opportunities along the corridor. It will also provide guidance in reviewing development projects, as well as recommended actions and implementation strategies to enhance the corridor.

● Downtown Riverfront:
● North Main Street: