Complaint Filed Against Mayville Chief Of Police

Mayville’s mayor has brought a complaint to the Mayville Police and Fire, and EMS Commission accusing the city’s police chief of misappropriation and conduct unbecoming an officer. According to the complaint Mayor Jerry Moede claims some of the $2,000 budgeted to the department for drug investigations was used by Chief Christopher MacNeil for other purposes. That included using $600 for the purchase of a John Deere Gator and using another $850 to buy K9 youth dance equipment. Chief MacNeil explained to the Council he believed the funds were a “second petty cash fund.” The complaint also alleges that during an August 12th Common Council meeting Chief MacNeil said that Alderwoman Kathy Sertich was trying to portray him in a negative light and had an “axe to grind.” Sertich chairs the City’s Finance Committee and MacNeil was asked to provide information about department overtime. The commission is asking the Mayville Common Council to approve funding for legal counsel while the complaint is being considered. To read the complaint click here