Congressman Glenn Grothman issues statement on Biden stopping Israel aid

Congressman Glenn Grothman (WI-06) released the following statement after President Joe Biden announced he would halt critical aid to Israel if they entered Rafah.

“Just a few weeks ago, Congress approved, and President Biden signed into law, funding to help our greatest ally in the Middle East, Israel, as they respond to the deadly attack on their soil that left well over 1,000 people dead,” said Grothman. “I approved this funding as it is critical the United States stand with our friends. Now, President Biden announced he would halt arms shipments if Israel follows through with their clearly stated military goals. This is an unconscionable and dangerous move for many reasons.

“First, the objective of the United States should be to assist in putting pressure on the terrorist organization Hamas to give up and stop fighting. The announcement made by the Biden Administration to withhold aid does just the opposite, pulling pressure away from Hamas and placing it on Israel.

“Second, this will only prolong the war. A quick resolution to this conflict is in everyone’s best interest. Handcuffing Israel can alter plans and divert resources that will only drag out the timeline.

“Third, Israel’s stated goal, rightly, is to eradicate Hamas. The rest of the war effort would be in vain if they gave up their goal of entering Rafah. Additionally, Israel has been resolved in their decision to enter Rafah, so President Biden’s decision to cut off aid is nothing more than a poke in the eye.

“Finally, President Biden made many campaign promises during his last election. Many of them he kept, which has led to soaring inflation, a sputtering economy, and an unprecedented border crisis that has produced crime, drug, and humanitarian crises at our border and around the country. Now, despite previously stating unequivocal support for Israel, these recent actions suggest a willingness to prioritize extremists within his party over principle. This reversal of position, particularly on such a critical issue, is deeply concerning and I condemn it in the strongest fashion. It’s disheartening to witness campaign promises being cast aside for short-term political gain, especially when the security and stability of our allies are at stake.

“It seems hard to believe some people have such a poor memory that they can’t remember that only seven months ago Hamas started this war by killing over 1,000 people on Israeli soil. The idea of pausing so Hamas can reload and reorganize is absurd. President Biden should immediately retract his statement, commit to delivering the arms, and demand unconditional surrender by Hamas. Let’s not forget that Hamas started the war and could end it today if they laid down their arms, released the hostages, and showed Israel their tunnel network that has been used to terrorize the region.”

In 2019, President Biden was interviewed by PBS News Hour and when asked about pressure from fellow Democrats about cutting off funding to Israel, he said “The idea that we would cut off military aid to an ally, our only true, true ally in the entire region, is absolutely preposterous. It’s just beyond my comprehension anyone would do that.”