Congressman Glenn Grothman voices opinions on UWM Pro-Palestinian stance

Congressman Glenn Grothman (WI-06) released the following statement after University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee made an agreement with protestors and the University sided with Hamas.

“As I understand, Chancellor Mark A. Mone has since modified his stance on the agreement with Pro-Palestinian protestors, but his additional statement still does not address the difference between the barbaric Hamas and the strong western country of Israel,” said Grothman.

“The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee decided to weigh in and take a position regarding the current controversary in Gaza and demand a cease-fire. The university sided with Pro-Palestinian protestors and disregarded the Jewish students. I would think after the horrific and barbaric attack waged by Hamas against Israeli Citizens on October 7, all but the most barbaric of us would have sided with Israel. Israel certainly must subdue Hamas and has the right to demand unconditional surrender. Interfering with Israel and essentially allowing Hamas to regroup and fight another day is inexcusable. This put the university in a rather undesirable position regarding its stance on foreign policy.

“Not only was the position of the university outlandish, but I assume it was inconsistent with the views of the majority of taxpayers who fund UWM. If newspaper reports are correct, it appeared UWM primarily sided with pro-Palestinian protesters without researching how more the responsible students and the taxpaying public felt.

 “When Hamas intentionally hides behind civilians, inevitably casualties result. Perhaps UWM history professors can remind its leadership of the consequences faced by their own country during the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which resulted in significant loss of life.

“I want to reemphasize my position that Israel has the right to continue this fight until Hamas surrenders, turns over their tunnels and weapons, and releases all hostages. I hope in the future UWM does not feel compelled to adopt a foreign policy stance at the request of a noisy few, many of whom I assume have no connection to the university.

“It is bizarre that UWM felt it necessary to have its own foreign policy. It is also bizarre that they would issue a statement in response to a small number of Pro-Palestinian radicals without consulting the Jewish community and millions of others clear thinking Wisconsinites who sympathize with Israel in the manner. It would be nice if UWM would appropriately condemn Hamas for starting this brutal war and side with Israel as they desperately try to get back their hostages.”