Culvers Curder Burger Coming Back… For A Limited Time

For a 3rd year in a row, Culvers will bring back, for a limited time, what was once introduced as a joke. The Curder Burger, which is a single Culvers Butter Burger,
topped with an oversized cheese curd will be sold starting October 2nd.

The burger was introduced as an April Fools Joke in 2020, but after non stop pleas from Culvers guests to make it a reality, the restaurant sold it for one day in October of 2021.

Last year the Curder Burger was sold on October 12th which was national cheese curd day and it didn’t last past noon in most locations as each restaurant was given a limited supply of the cheese curd that goes on the burger. In some locations, people were waiting in line outside Culvers by 7 AM to ensure they could get an order in for the burger.

The chain sold out all 136,000 burgers in less than 2 hours.

This year Culvers says the Curder Burger will again be available while supplies last, but they plan to run it for 3 weeks. It’s unknown how many they plan to make available this year.