FDL City Councilman Credits City Manager For Firm Stance On Retlaw Debt

Fond du Lac City Councilman Rob Vande Zande credits City Manager Joe Moore for not giving in to the owners of the Retlaw Hotel and denying their request to give them even more of a break on debts owed the City. North Main Hospitality owners told Moore Wednesday they’d wire $25,000 right away if the City would forgive the remaining $14,000 plus the City was seeking for back taxes and fees. Vande Zande says the City has already waived more than $100,000 of what is owed. He says the last thing the City Council wants to do is make a decision that will impact the employees of the hotel and the events that are booked there. Vande Zande says if the money North Main Hospitality owes isn’t paid to the City by a June 25th deadline the Council will have to vote the next night not to renew their liquor licenses.