FDL High School Forensics

Fond du Lac High School’s (FHS) Forensics team recently attended two state competitions—the Wisconsin High School Forensics Association (WHSFA) and the Wisconsin Forensics Coaches Association (WFCA). Students had an opportunity to compete in various categories and the FHS students competed in poetry or prose reading, play or solo serious acting, 4-minute speaking, oratory, Moments in History, or radio announcing categories and at the WHSFA were judged in their delivery on a scale of 25. Gold medals were awarded for a perfect score; silver was awarded for 23-24 points; and bronze was awarded for 20-22 points. At the WHSFA, Fondy High students placed as follows in the categories listed:  


Dakota Vaughan – Gold  Prose Reading

Thomas Chitwood – Gold  Oratory

Aaron De Witt – Gold  Moment’s in History

Bobby Gruenstern – Gold Poetry Reading 

Anne Wilhelms – Silver Prose Reading

Dominic Rosado – Silver 4 Minute Speaking 

Samantha Eck – Silver Poetry Reading

Kylee Thompson – Silver Solo Serious Acting

Jenny Garrison – Silver Radio Announcing

Simon Riter – Silver Radio Announcing

Haruka Yukioka – Silver Prose Reading

Gwen Salm – Silver Prose Reading

Paige Richardson – Silver Play Acting

Ally Duffy – Silver Play Acting

Erika Schilling – Silver Play Acting

Andrew Woodruff – Bronze Moments in History


At the Wisconsin Forensics Coaches Association (WFCA) State meet Dakota Vaughan advanced through semi-finals and finals for his prose reading. He was ranked third in the entire state for his performance.


Shown at Ripon College for WFCA (L-R grades in parentheses):  Paige Richardson (9), Ally Duffy (9), Allyson Balthazor (10), Erika Schilling (9), Kylee Thompson (10), Haruka Yukioka (9) held by Coach Khristy Kielman, Gwen Salm (9), and Anne Wilhelms (9) Not pictured: Samantha Eck