FDL School Board VP Has Issues With Fruth Enhancement Proposal

The vice president of the Fond du Lac School Board says he has some issues with a proposal to enhance Fruth Field. Mark Jurgella says improvements to lighting and sound are reasonable and worth exploring. But some proposed improvements he feels are unnecessary. Jurgella says that includes artificial turf, a pavilion, a band area enhancement and other suggestions. He also doesn’t like the idea of using the district’s fund balance to pay for the project while donations and pledges are still being collected. He says they tried that with the recent improvements and that didn’t work. Jurgella says there are also questions about the artificial turf beyond cost. He says some people think it will lead to more injuries and it isn’t healthy to play on it on a regular basis. Jurgella says he agrees with what fellow board member Mark Strand said during a workshop on the Fruth Field enhancements. Strand said, “When you have the money, then we will talk.”