FDL Water Utility Survey

Fond du Lac’s Water Utility is conducting a brief survey to gather information about payment options and customer preference for quarterly or monthly utility billing. A postcard with the survey questions is being mailed to all utility customers. Response to the survey will be done via a link entitled “Utility Billing Survey” located under Important Notices on the City of Fond du Lac webpage at www.fdl.wi.gov.  Deadline for completing the survey is July 31st. Customers without internet access could use computers at the Public Library to complete the survey if desired, or indicate their answers on the postcard and drop off at the Water Business Office. Upgrades to the meter reading system in 2012 provided the technology to make monthly meter reading possible. If monthly billing is implemented, the change would affect ALL customers and wouldn’t be implemented until next year sometime. The additional costs would be absorbed in the Water Utility operating budget with no rate increase expected.