Federal charges filed in Dodge County against scam suspect

A Canadian national is facing federal charges in connection to a Dodge County “scam” the sheriff’s office announced Yesterday.

In May, the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office began an investigation when an elderly resident got a call that their grandson was in jail and needed money for bail. After agreeing to pay the bail money, the man was visited by a suspect who came to their residence and identified himself as a representative for their grandson’s attorney.

A detective with the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office used a forensic sketch artist to work with the victim and create a sketch of the suspect. Through the subsequent investigation, the detective was able to identify the suspect, who was then arrested.

Last week, a federal grand jury indicted the suspect on several charges, including the “grandparent scam.” The FBI credited parts of the Dodge County detective’s investigation as being responsible for identifying an additional 11 victims of the suspect.