Fond du Lac County Finally Gets Much Needed Rainfall Wednesday Night

A weak cold front passed over Fond du Lac County early Wednesday afternoon, July 5, 2023, but didn’t spawn thunderstorms until right after it passed, causing most of Fond du Lac County to miss out on any much needed rainfall… at least early on.

Sheboygan, Milwaukee and Dane Counties all had severe thunderstorm reports according to the Storm Prediction Centers website, which showed high winds in the 60 mph range doing damage to trees and powerlines.

Parts of extreme southeast Fond du Lac County saw downpour rains while much of the rest of the county got only a sprinkle if anything through much of the afternoon and early evening.

It wasn’t until late evening and overnight that the rest of Fond du Lac County received heavier rainfall. According to the observation station at the airport on the west side of the city of Fond du Lac, nearly 1 1/4 inches of rain fell.

Our next chance of rain comes tomorrow night and again Sunday night through Wednesday, but all chances are low with only scattered showers possible.