Fond du Lac County Wants You To Design A New County Flag

Representatives of Fond du Lac County have announced they want a redesigned County flag, and they want you to make it.

The current flag was designed by Donna Heldt of Campbellsport many years ago.

The county is looking to Fond du Lac County residents to submit their designs for the flag that will then be adopted as the new county flag.

It is encouraged that designers incorporate their own thoughts on what appropriately represents Fond du Lac County but the design should also include representation of our parks and recreation, agriculture in our communities, and include representation of businesses and manufacturing in our county.

Only submissions from Fond du Lac County residents will be accepted.

All submissions must be in a digital format such as a PDF, PNG, or JPG format.

Fond du Lac County reserves the right to reject any submissions, including those that may be deemed by county administration as offensive and/or discriminatory. The winning submission will become property of Fond du Lac County.

The designer of the winning submission will be recognized at the May County Board meeting, as well as receive a $100 Envision Greater Fond du Lac gift certificate.

All submissions should be emailed to Stephanie Dahlke at by April 1, 2023.