Fond du Lac Leaf Collection Schedule Announced For Fall Of 2023

The City of Fond du Lac has announced plans for their annual leaf collection. Leaf collecting will begin on Monday October 16, with crews starting in the northeast section of the city. Collection will proceed in a clockwise direction – to the southeast, southwest, and northwest sections. Crews plan to make three complete rounds of the city
during the October and November months, weather permitting.

For collection purposes, Main Street will divide the city into east and west halves, and Western Avenue and Fourth Street will divide the city into north and south halves.

Like last year, a map will be available on the City’s website indicating the progress collection crews have made to date and show which area crews will be working in next.
Beginning Monday, October 16, you can visit the City website at and click on “Leaf Collection Progress Map” under “Important Notices”. The map will show which areas have been covered by collection crews, and arrows will indicate which direction the crews will be moving. The map will be updated toward the end of each work day.

It is asked that you rake leaves into rows next to the curb but keep them out of the street and sidewalks.

The city is aware some streets are under construction and efforts will be made to collect leaves on those streets. If crews are unable to navigate those streets, additional attention will be made to clean leaves later in the season when construction finishes.

As an alternative to the collection, residents may haul their leaves to the City’s yard waste drop off site located on the north side of the Municipal Service Center located at 530 Doty Street.