Fond du Lac Man Faces Attempted Homicide Charges For Attacking Mother With Hammer

A 33-year-old Fond du Lac man is being charged with attempted homicide stemming from a January 26th domestic abuse case.

Aristotle Wurtz is charged with repeatedly hitting his mother over the head with a hammer while she was doing dishes in their Martin Ave. home where Wurtz lived with his parents.

The mother told officers she was washing dishes when Wurtz attacked her for no reason and hit her about 30 times with a hammer and other objects.

She told police she nearly passed out and indicated Wurtz stopped after she told him he was killing her and that she loved him.

Wurtz told police his parents were being mean to God and Goddess and confirmed he was trying to kill his mother. He stopped hitting her with the hammer because it broke.

He told police he’d also intended to kill his father.

The father told police Wurtz takes prescription medicine for schizophrenia.

His next court appearance is March 3rd.