Fond du Lac Police De-escalate Situation Where Man Threatened Suicide By Cop

City of Fond du Lac Police were able to de-escalate a situation yesterday in which a 50-year-old Wausau man had barricaded himself in an apartment and made threats to
harm himself.

Shortly before 6 PM, police responded to the apartment building at Rees and Park Avenue for a disorderly conduct call in which a man was threatening a woman and refusing to leave.

The woman was able to leave and the man locked himself in the apartment.

The Woman told police the man didn’t live at the apartment.

Once police arrived and started to talk to the man, he stated several times that police would have to kill him because he wasn’t going back to jail.

Several other apartments in the complex were evacuated while police negotiated with the man.

Police were able to make phone contact with him and after about 60 minutes, were able to talk him into coming out peacefully.

The man was arrested on charges of trespassing, disorderly conduct, felony bail jumping, resisting, and a felony warrant and is held at the Fond du Lac County Jail.