Fond du Lac Senior Center Offers Lively Activities

September is recognized as National Senior Center Month, giving the organizations an extra boost to show off what they can provide. The Fond du Lac Senior Center has been growing and expanding its programs as the Baby Boomer generation rolls into seniority. Director Cathy Loomans says there has been a lot added over the past three years.

 Loomans tells us that “every month we have approximately 300 activities. And so we’ve had to expand our hours of programming, so now our first class starts at seven in the morning and some evenings it goes as late as 10:00pm in order to fit everything in to the space that we have. For the last two years, we’ve had over 65,000 visits a year – 1,500 a week.”

Loomans adds that there also a lot of help coming in to make the center a better place, and “we invited 225 volunteers to our volunteer appreciation. From people
who are there multiple times a week doing things or people who work on one
project a year, every piece of that helps support what we do. I just think it’s

She also says “we’re always trying to break that stereotype of what a senior center
is, because I think people assume it’s people that have not a whole lot of
energy or ambition or drive and are just kind of resigned to the fact that
they’re going to get old and sit and do nothing in a rocking chair. And we’re
so the opposite of that and so it’s so much fun when people come in for a tour
and see all of the life we have in our building.”