Green Lake County officials report black bear sightings near Markesan

The Markesan Police Department has announced it has received a couple of black bear sighting reports recently. They say this is not abnormal this time of year as young bears often are seen roaming through parts of the state as they leave the area they were raised in to look for their own space.

They are most often not dangerous to humans, however if they become conditioned to human presence, or feel threatened, they can become so.

Police say If you see a bear, to not approach it and stay separated from it until it leaves the area.

Only if a nuisance bear presents an immediate danger to public safety should residents call 911.

The department gave a list recommendations residents can do to make their property less attractive to bears such as:
•Remove bird feeders as Bird feed such as suet and seeds are a strong attraction for bears, even if they can’t reach them.
•Keep garbage in sealed garbage cans inside a sturdy building like a garage or shed and put trash curbside just before your scheduled pickup.
•If cooking out, Remove the grease collection container from grills after every use and Turn the grill on “High” for several minutes after you are done cooking to burn residual odors off the grill.
•And finally Do not place food, including pet food, outside to attract wildlife. Any food items used to attract or feed birds, squirrels, or other wildlife will also attract bears.

For further information and resources, concerned residents can visit the website