Green Lake Drug Busts

On Friday, August 30, 2013, from 3:00pm until 7:00pm, the Green Lake County Sheriff’s Office coordinated a planned multi-jursdictional drug interdiction detail within the Northern area of Green Lake County and the Southern area of Waushara County.  The interdiction involved the use of nine patrol cars and four drug detection dogs.  The Green Lake County Sheriff’s Office supplied 6 patrol units, Waushara County Sheriff’s Office supplied 1 patrol unit, and the City of Berlin Police supplied 2 units.  Drug detection dogs were supplied by Sheriff’s Office’s of Green Lake County, Adams County, Waupaca County, and Omro Police.  


The results of the interdiction are as follows:

Total combined traffic contacts: 64

Total combined traffic citations: 49

Total combined traffic warnings: 49

Drug paraphernilla arrests: 2 (Pipes and Drug Use Contraband)

Felony drug arrests: 1 (Narcotics)

Misdemeanor drug arrests: 1 (Marijuana)

Criminal traffic arrests: 2 (No Valid Drivers License)


 Police Chief’s and Sheriff’s from the participating jurisdictions remain committed to the suppression of illegal drug activity within their communities and have agreed to combine resources to further the anti-drug effort.