Green Lake Thefts

During late October, 2013,
property owners along the shores of Big
Green Lake,
reported the theft of aluminum lake
sections which had
been removed from Big Green for the winter. 
Five different complaints were filed mostly from the South and West
Shore of Big Green. Reported stolen were hundreds of feet of aluminum pier
sections valued at approximately $60,000.00.   After a
local release of  information, use of the
Code Red public notification system, and publication of information via scarp
yards, a citizen reported suspicious activity he had seen on the West end of
Big Green Lake.  This report included a
description of a brown colored chevrolet blazer, two male subjects and a
partial license plate.  This led to a
primary suspect concerning the thefts. On Wednesday, November 20, 2013, a
deputy spotted the suspect vehicle and driver, Dustin Kono, who was stopped and
arrested for traffic and drug violations. 
A search revealed related pier assembly hardware and receipts for scarp
metal.  The suspect later admitted to the
thefts and a second suspect, Adam Baggett, was identified.