Gudex Job Training Bill On Its Way To Governors Desk

A bill State Senator Rick Gudex authored known as Wisconsin Fast Forward is on its way to the Governor’s desk to be signed into law. The state Senate unanimously passed the $15 million worker training bill Tuesday. The measure aims to help Wisconsin’s aging workforce compete more effectively in the global market. Gudex says it’s a bill that will help out workers across the state. The bill passed the Assembly 94-4 last week, and now heads to Governor Scott Walker, who proposed the legislation. The goal is to launch a faster system to track jobs data and guide workers into in-demand professions, and provide worker training grants. Gudex says, “In my district, Moraine Park Technical College enrolls over 20,000 students, and this bill will help MPTC achieve their goal to develop customized solutions that build the skills businesses need to compete and allow businesses to enhance their training efforts as well.”