Guns Thrown From Vehicle During 120 mph Chase That Spanned Three Counties

The Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office was involved in a chase yesterday evening on Interstate 41 southbound.

Around 6:37, an officer had pulled a red charger over near Highway B. After the officer briefly made contact with the subjects in the vehicle, the driver sped away.

The pursuit continued southbound reaching speeds as high as 120 mph.

Now in Washington County, a Washington County Sheriff’s Officer was successfully able to deploy stop sticks on the vehicle and the driver’s side tire started deflating and
eventually came off.

A motorist on 41 notified the sheriff’s office that they seen some objects get thrown out the window around the 78 mile marker. One of the officers broke away from the chase to look for what was thrown.

Now on the rim, the car slowed and eventually stopped south of Friestadt Road in southern Washington County.

Officers looking for the objects thrown found 2 guns in the ditch.

At least 2 subjects were taken into custody.

An official release has yet to come from the Fond du Lac Sheriff’s Office. When more information has been released, KFIZ will add the information to this story. The pursuit lasted 37 miles.