He Will Stick To Sturgeon

The Sturgeon biologist for the Winnebago system says he’s more comfortable on a frozen lake then facing a classroom of high school students. Ryan Koenigs of the DNR says he got an invitation from the adviser of a fishing club at Horace Mann High School in North Fond du Lac to speak to students Wednesday. The adviser is an old high school friend. Koenigs talked about a career in fisheries management and gave an overview of the sturgeon spearing season. He asked for a show of hands from kids who had participated in the sturgeon spearing season. He says about half indicated they had been out on the lakes during the sturgeon spearing season. He says that’s a pretty good representation from a high school group that they were at least interested in the sport. Koenigs says while he enjoyed speaking to students he will stick to what he knows best. He says he’s not envious of high school teachers who have to maintain the interest of teenagers.