Kohl Challenges Grothman

This time next week, the polls will be open for voters to
voice their opinions on who they want to see in several political offices.
Republican Congressman Glenn Grothman is battling for another term in Washington, while his
opponent Dan Kohl seeks his first term in political office. Kohl tells us over
the years, he has put his support behind several causes to help people in Wisconsin. 

Kohl says “over the
course of my professional career, I’ve fought for causes like childrens health,
opportunities for at-risk kids in Wisconsin, I’ve fought to make sure our
veterans with PTSD have better treatment options for their hidden wounds of
war. Those reflect some of the causes that are very important to me.”

But the race for the 6th Congressional District is getting a bit heated, as Grothman claims that Kohl is lying in campaign ads about the
congressman’s history in voting for insurance coverage of pre-existing
conditions, but Kohl argues that Grothman is the one not telling the truth. 

Kohl says “they realized what they did – what they proposed to do was very unpopular. They’re trying to cover their flanks, they’re flat out lying. He voted to remove those protections and it’s unacceptable.”

Kohl also says this election is a pivotal time for anyone
looking for change, because 
“we’re at a
moment in our nation’s history where there’s so much gridlock in Congress,
there is increasing partisanship. There are so many problems out there and
we’re not seeing the progress that Americans are looking for, starting with
healthcare. That’s on the top of everyone’s mind.”

Kohl claims a survey shows Grothman ranking second from the bottom on a list of representatives making efforts towards bipartisan work.