Lakeside Park Dredging Going Well

A significant section of the dredging of channels in Lakeside Park will be complete this week before dredging crews take a break for the winter. Kent Petersen of PCI Dredging of Minocqua says they decided to tackle the section first that had the most sediment built up. He says they will have removed 14,000 cubic yards, which is about 25 to 30 percent of the total 50,000 cubic yards they want to remove. He says it’s gotten too cold to continue dredging for the winter so they will return in March to complete the project. He says they will be back in mid-March and would like to complete the project by May 30th. Petersen says they are asking people to stay out of the Lakeside Park West area where they are pumping out the silt and sediment that is dredged out of the channels. He says the dewatering pond could be very dangerous for anyone on an ATV, snowmobile or walking in that area. He says it is bermed up and gated off. Fond du Lac Public Works Director Jordan Skiff says City officials are happy with what has been accomplished so far and the DNR is pleased that the City chose to use a hydraulic dredging method.

Some of the sediment and materials pumped out of the Lakeside Park channels. Those aren’t rocks, they are balls of clay that form when they are pumped out of the channels.