Man And Dog Rescued After Falling Through Ice

A man and 2 dogs fell through the ice on a pond in Racine County yesterday.

One of the dogs was able to get back to land but the man and one other dog needed to be rescued by first responders and police.

According to police, the dogs ran out on the pond to chase geese and fell through the ice.

The owner attempted to slide out on the ice to rescue the dogs but also fell in.

First responders used a rope to try to pull the 58-year-old man to shore, along with the dog.

Sheriff’s officials said the man was barely able to grasp the rope, as his strength was fading. They said he was “within minutes of going underwater.”

Two sheriff’s investigators ended up going into the water to pull the man to shore.

The man was taken to the hospital with hypothermia and lacerations.

Both dogs were reported to be cold but uninjured.