Man Gets Away From Police… For Now

Fond du Lac Police officers were involved in a pursuit through a portion of the city Monday night, February 6, 2023.

Just after midnight, an officer started to chase a small white car east on Arndt Street near Main Street.

The vehicle turned south on Marquette Street and then Portland Street before making a left to go east on Division.

At Park Avenue, the car made a right to go south where the driver continued for just over a mile. At this point, a Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Deputy joined in the pursuit.

It was believed that the driver was known to officers and was wanted for a shoplifting complaint at Fleet Farm.

Because they knew who the driver was, the decision was made to terminate the pursuit to avoid any possibility of a crash involving innocent bystanders or property.

You can see a portion of the chase recorded by KFIZ News Director Doug Raflik on our You Tube channel here.