More Details On FDL Duplex Fire

More details have been released about a “cooking fire” at 27 5th Street in Fond du Lac last night. Fire Chief Peter O’Leary says a resident of the first floor duplex was cooking French fries when the oil ignited. He tried to extinguish the fire by covering the pan and taking it outside.  He sustained a burn injury and was taken to St. Agnes Hospital by paramedics with non-life threatening injuries.  The fire was contained to the stove which sustained extensive damage.  Smoke had to be evacuated by firefighters.  As a result of the smoke damage, the Red Cross was called to help provide overnight shelter to the family. Firefighters did not find any working smoke alarms in the residence. Chief O’Leary says, “These residents are fortunate they were awake at the time of the fire.” He says they will be following up on that.