NARCAN Used For Another “Save” In FDL

The number of times the Fond du Lac Fire Department has used NARCAN to save someone from a heroin or opiate overdose this year has already surpassed last year’s total. Assistant Fire Chief Todd Janquart says they used NARCAN 15 times over the first six months to save someone showing signs of extreme opiate overdose. That’s compared to 13 times for all of 2013. He says they only know of two deaths this year where there were signs at the scene of heroin use. Janquart says they have seen a steady increase in the NARCAN used by the department since 2006, but not all of those instances were due to a heroin overdose. He says they are more aware of the problem than they were in the past. NARCAN was used by the department for another “save” over the weekend.