New Dodge County Sheriff Always Aspired To Be Sheriff

Dodge County’s new Sheriff says she was surprised when she learned Sheriff Todd Nehls was retiring more than a year and a half before the end of his current term. Pat Ninmann, who was a lieutenant in the department, was chosen by Governor Scott Walker to succeed Nehls. She says being sheriff was always one of her long term goals, but didn’t expect it to happen for years to come. She says Sheriff Nehls did a great job for the County. Chief Deputy Blaine Lauersdorf took over the role of interim Sheriff after Nehls retirement on March 8th and put off his own retirement, which goes into effect after today. Ninmann says Lauersdorf got to be Chief Deputy for another week after her appointment last Friday. Ninmann says she felt honored that all four of the County’s judges took part in her swearing in ceremony.