NFDL Burglary String Easily Preventable

North Fond du Lac has been seeing a bit of an uptick in small burglary incidents recently. Most of the burglaries are targeting cash or smaller valuable items left in unlocked vehicles or open garages. 

Chief of Police Darren Pautsch points out that a lot of these crimes are easily preventable, and that people are “really falling susceptible to crimes of opportunity. These aren’t necessarily hardened criminals who are going out with the intent of committing acts, they aren’t necessarily going out looking for targets – but all of a sudden there’s an opportunity in front of them and it’s an opportunity too good to pass up. Closing your garage door, locking your garage door, locking your car doors – those things can go a long way.”

Pautsch believes the culprits in a number of these cases are kids, and are not sophisticated criminals. He says the suspects keep “hitting simple targets and taking only the cash. They’re not
sophisticated criminals, but when somebody walks off with your purse, with your
drivers license, your credit cards, your social security, and whatever else you
have in there – you’re risking the potential for it to become something much,
much worse.”