NFDL Schools Taking Different Approach to Learning

The North Fond du Lac School District is making some visible, physical changes – but there also seems to be an evolving mindset. Superintendent Aaron Sadoff says “what I’m really excited about, and this isn’t just North Fond du Lac – this I think is really starting to happen all over the state and the country is we’re really looking to try and do education a little different. So it’s not so much just show up and school, sit in rows, and get information – it’s a more engaging, more relevant type of atmosphere.”

Sadoff adds that “one of our goals, as Sir Ken Robinson once said is, education and
schools tend to beat creativity out of kids. They love it when they’re younger,
and as they get older – and I know that as kids get older they just get a
little cynical and a little salty – you know, I’ve seen my kids go through the
teenage years. I think there’s part of that, but there is things we can do when
they get that part through, they actually enjoy school. They enjoy and they’re
lifelong learners, and we’re getting there.”

These concepts will be applied through designated Learning Lands in the new World of Friendship elementary school, once it is opened to students.